smarter money for a wiser economy.

Merchants want more customers and cash flow; organizations seek new sources of funding and additional volunteers; people have dormant skills and unmet needs. Often, only money is missing to turn all of that potential synergy into thriving economies. Scryp ($c) is a social enterprise and smart currency designed to enable these connections through an unprecedented, cooperative economic platform. Here's how it works:

augmented reality.png

As simple as 1-2-3.

1. Download the mobile app (currently in pre-alpha for Android and iOS--developers should get in touch if they'd like to help out.)

2. Redeem offers made by merchants in part Scryp, and part dollars.

3. Team up with activity sponsors to report your good deeds and earn extra Scryp.


Making the future's financial technology a bit more... 'today'.

Scryp is smart money built on the blockchain. This cutting-edge technology empowers Scryp to run securely, efficiently, and inexpensively--so we can pass the benefits directly on to you.

Social. Currency. Value. Blockchain. Fun.

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